Comedy stars of tomorrow at FunnieS

By February 14, 2018Funnies at Frank's

One of the joys of running FunnieS at Frank’s is presenting up and coming talent to the Huon Valley audience.

Many of the faces will be familiar to you to some extent.

We’ve had the Cripps Ambassador (Mick Davies) who has also appeared in many TV shows including Rosehaven and The Kettering Incident.

Mamma Rosa is an unstoppable force of nature. You’ll know if you seen her about, and you will have, because she will have given you a big fat kiss on the cheek.

Dylan Hesp is all over our TVs at the moment and is about to appear in a brand new comedy TV series on ABC TV.

Tracey Cosgrove is a stalwart of Tasmanian comedy and one of Hobart’s favourite comedians.

Rob Braslin is another of the new breed doing wonderful things. He too is all over our TVB screens and he has recently written for abc’s Black Comedy.

…and many more besides.

To name just a few; Maedi Prichard, Sally Rose-McShane, Steve McNees, James G Warren, Annie Harvey, Sara Cooper, Anna Kidd and Pierre Joubert.

You may not know there names but you will love them. They are hilarious.

Trust me, I only put on the best of our local talent… and there’s lots more to come.

2018 has some surprises ins tore for us both with big names and wonderful local acts.

I hope to see you soon at FunnieS. Take a punt. You won’t regret it.



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